Air Travel Deals

Package discounts are not the only way to get air travel deals. There are many online sites and travel agencies that pass on special discounts and featured promotions to the consumer. Airlines are also beginning to offer deals to their frequent flyer customers. It used to be that for a deal on airfare only, it had to be for a destination that most people didn’t want. That is no longer true. Airlines need to fill their flights more than ever. With the mainstream acceptance of webinars, video conferencing and Skype, there are fewer business travelers. This means better rates to more destinations for you.

Many Americans are not traveling out of the country as frequently as they were a few years ago. International airlines need to fill the seats to continue being profitable. These airlines frequently work with local travel agents and tour companies to provide travel incentives. When you find these air travel deals, jump on them, as space is limited and often is sold quickly. Airlines may also offer incentives for off peak or shoulder-season travel. Off-peak means that the number of travelers to a specific destination or region during that season is lower than for other seasons.

For example, the Caribbean and Jackson Hole experience the largest percentage of their tourist business during the winter, as opposed to late May through September. Even though airlines reduce the number of flights during off peak months, they still need to fill the seats. Air travel deals help them do that. Shoulder season is the four to eight week time period on either side of peak season. For example, February and March are considered shoulder season for Australia and Fiji. The weather is getting cool and it rains more frequently so most people do not travel at that time.

New England’s leaf peeping season is from Labor Day to Columbus Day. If you choose to travel there in late October, you may be able to get air travel deals. An advantage to shoulder season is that the weather is still fair and the crowds are gone. Many people fly for weekend trips. This means that the airlines are filled on either side of the weekend days, but are slower during the week. Taking some time to do the research may help you with significant savings for your air travel if your destination and schedule are flexible.